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“So many amazing words I could say to describe the help Candace has given me through my retrieving of my Specialist Degree. She is fast, accurate, and helpful, just to name a few characteristics. My journey through my Ed.S. program was made successful only with her one-on-one responses. Her proofreading and feedback were awesome. I can truly say she was the reason I got my degree. Thanks for all your help, and may God continue to bless you and your gifts.”
— ShaRhonda Gipson, Ed.S. Jackson, MS

”For several years, Ms. Chambers has been writing church speeches, poems, skits, programs, and greetings for our youth ministry. She has received many compliments and feedback on her work. She has a gift that has been inspired by God.”
— Diane Welch, Edwards, MS
“Hey Candace, I just want to say thanks for helping me with my papers. Who knows where I would’ve been without a little help from someone with as much knowledge of writing as you.”
— Darnell Pollard, Newport News, VA
“Candace is smart - period.  Couple that with kindness and determination and you have an incredibly hard worker who will get the job done right.  She has inspired me professionally and served as a dear mentor and friend.  There is no one I would trust more with my writing than Candace.”
— Kelsey Worsham, Tuscaloosa, AL

”It is rare in one’s life to meet such an intelligent young lady. Candace Chambers is an English genius. Earlier last year, my pastor charged us with the task of creating an ACT outreach for our students and the surrounding community. I called upon Candace for assistance and within one day, she was able to create a course syllabus and lay out a 12 week plan to ensure that I covered all the needed English information for the ACT. She was also able to send me several websites to look at for assistance. In just two days, she made something that seemed to be unattainable... attainable.”
— Dr. Alisa Walker, Brookhaven, MS
“My written compositions have improved exponentially with the assistance of Candace! She would review my written assignments for my MBA program in a professional and timely manner. The constructive feedback that I received from Candace has been invaluable in my business/professional career. What makes her stand out is her genuine passion for helping others refine their skills to achieve their goals. I definitely recommend her services!”
— John Percy Welch, Jr. MBA, Waco, TX