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Career and Business

  • Resume- A well-designed resume can open many doors and opportunities. This service includes the creation of a new resume or editing of an existing resume. Can tailor resume to specific job industry or for generic job searching. - $45.00

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): A CV showcases one’s professional achievements. This service includes the creation of a new CV or editing of an existing CV. - $65.00

  • Cover Letter: Employers often ask for a summary of the experiences from your resume. This cover letter service includes the composition of an original cover letter or editing of an existing cover letter. - $55.00

  • Business Cards: Never miss a chance to advertise your services! This service includes the designing of business cards for business owners, professionals, clergy, or students. - $35.00 (printing and delivery costs dependent on amount ordered)

  • Flyers: Need to advertise an event or service? Flyers can be created for print or digital needs. - $30.00

  • Social Media Graphics: Publicizing on social media can reach a wide audience. Social media graphics can be created from provided content. - $25.00

  • Web Design: Displaying a professional image is key to driving positive attention to yourself or your organization. We will help you to create a website that captures your “why.” Contact us for pricing.


  • Academic Manuscripts: Always have a second eye on your writing! This service includes full-service editing of double-spaced manuscripts such as dissertations, academic journal articles, theses, dissertation proposals, literature reviews, and course paper assignments. We review the writing for argumentation, organization, structure, institution-based/APA/MLA formatting, grammar/mechanics, along with formatting /reviewing of in-text citations and references. Order the service by the number of pages, and we will send an invoice.

    *All academic manuscripts orders will require half payment before beginning the editorial service.

    • $3.00/page for manuscripts greater than 50 double-spaced pages

    • $2.75/page for manuscripts between 25-50 double-spaced pages

    • $5.00/page for manuscripts between 10-24 double-spaced pages

    • $0.034/word for manuscripts under 10 double-spaced pages

    • $0.50 per citation on the References/Works Cited page

  • Personal Statements: A clearly organized description of your intended purpose for attending graduate school as well as the inclusion of personal achievements can make your graduate school application stand out! This service includes the assistance with constructing and editing personal statements for graduate school. - $45.00

  • Books: Many people have a unique story to tell. Why not share it with the world? We offer full service book editing for book manuscripts, proposals, and query letters. This service includes attention to detail, organization, and formatting. Contact us for pricing.

  • Scholarship Essay Review: Our Chief Academic Coach, Candace Chambers has snagged over $1.3 million dollars in scholarships, grants, assistantships, and fellowships by writing essays. Allow her to review your scholarship essay today! This service includes scholarship essay writing editing. - $20

Educational Writing for Businesses and Non-Profits

  • Grants: We work with non-profits and business on grant proposals. This service includes assistance with searching for grants, crafting the project, identifying the need, determining outcomes, and assistance with creating a project budget. Contact us for pricing.

  • Business Plans: Need assistance with editing your business plan? Look no further. We assist new businesses with editing their goals and outcomes for their business plans. Contact us for pricing.