Applying to college can be scary! It is best not to do it alone.

We offer college navigation assistance for high school students, parents, and adults who are interested in returning to school! One perk: We work to help you fully fund your education through scholarships, grants, assistantships, and fellowships! Our Chief Academic Coach, Candace Chambers, has had her education fully funded through the strategic method she shares with others. Why Wait? Let’s get started.


Individual College Scholarship Coaching

We offer individual coaching for students and parents for guidance on the college application process! We work specifically to assist with finding and securing scholarships to fully fund college or graduate school. This service includes consultation calls, email access, scholarship essay review, and a free copy of Write Your Way to a Successful Scholarship Essay.

Price: $85/hour or $250/one-time 6 month fee

Scholarship Essay Writing Guidebook

Write Your Way to a Successful Scholarship Essay provides proven tips to assist high school and college students with composing a scholarship essay. Candace Chambers, our Chief Academic Coach has snagged over 1.3 million dollars in scholarship funds by writing essays. Therefore, this guide provides fundamental steps of composing an organized essay tailored to meet the requirements of most scholarship essay prompts!

Price: $15.00

*Price does not include shipping and handling.



College Choice Matrix

We can help you to map out your college plan! Being organized throughout the college application process is key to learning the best options for your college journey. We assist undergraduate and graduate students with mapping out their college plan to include options for funding.

Price: $125.00