At Educational Writing Services LLC, we strive to assist students and professionals with their writing needs. Our services include the editing of career and business documents, academic manuscripts, and college navigation assistance.

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Upcoming Workshop: Say NO to Student Loans!

"Say NO to Student Loans!: How to Fully Fund College the Right Way!" will feature various funding methods for college. The seminar will be facilitated by Candace Chambers, CEO of Educational Writing Services LLC, who has had her undergraduate, master's, and doctorate degrees fully funded without student loans. Attendees will leave with a variety of sources of funding to pay for college.

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Open Enrollment: Write For Success Student Program!

The Write For Success: Student Program assists undergraduate and graduate students with improving their writing over the course of a semester. Our certified and experienced editors assist students through an online format with writing for argumentation, organization, structure, MLA/APA formatting, grammar and mechanics. Enroll today!

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